Properties in the Enfield Chase area


Enfield Chase is the most northern district on Enfield Borough with easy access to the M25, junction 24. There is also a local BR station with access into London Moorgate and Kings Cross. The Chase area is also quite diverse, to the north there is a high percentage of social housing whilst to the west the area is quite affluent. There are two conservation areas, a heritage centre, large parks and open spaces. There is also a number of new luxury developments within a short walk of Enfield Chase BR.

Based on 2004 population surveys there were 5,388 households and 12,531 people living in the Chase area of Enfield Borough. Around 68% of homes are owner-occupied.


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Sell and then rent back your property

This works by selling your property, clearing your mortgage debt and any secured loans, and if you have enough equity you even get cash back. You then become the tenant in your property - in total confidence, no for sale boards or to let boards.

The rental contracts can be short or long term, what every you require. There are even options to buy back the property at a later date.

If you would like to find out more information on the option to sell and rent back, just give us a call on O2O 8366 8211.